Health benefits of ragi

Ragi is one  of the most favourite cereals.It is also known as finger millet .It is easy to digest and one of the most nutritious millet.There are many health benefits of ragi.
1.Bone Development.
2.Weight Loss.
3.Acts as a relaxant.
4.Reduces high glucose levels in the blood.
5.Acts as a good source of protein/amino acids.
6.Lowers blood cholestrol levels.
7.Prevents and treats anemia.
Ragi is used in many dishes to make,porridge,rotis,dosas.Its taste is different from wheat.Let us see how the ragi dosa can be prepared.


                                              ragiflour-1/2 cup
                                              wheat flour-1/4 cup
                                              onion -1
                                              green chilli -1
                                              salt -as needed
                                              water or butter milk-as needed


1.Take ragi flour,wheat flour,jeera,salt,chopped onions,chilli in a bowl and add enough butter milk or water to make thin batter.

2.Heat dosa pan,pour oil as we do for ravva dosa,cook both sides for medium flame.

Serve the tasty ragi dosa with chutney.It is good for health

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  1. Ragi is one of the most helpful of your health

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  3. I am taking every day 1 glass of ragi jawa as break fast . I found I lost 2 kgs wgt but my doubt is their any side effects.

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