home made tips for thicker hair

Generally  everyone worries about hair loss  .Mostly  men and women concentrate on the hair growth and they are very interested about the tips related to the faster hair growth.Firstly,everyone need to be patience inorder to obtain hair growth.


1.Cayenne Pepper Treatment:

Most of the americans used this pepper for more than 9000 years in medicine preparations.It helps to stimulate new hair growth.Applying mixture of cayenne pepper and olive oil  help to promote hair growth and combat baldness.


Massaging the scalp help to increase the blood flow.Massaging olive oil oil into scalp and leave it overnight.Wash it off with a mild shampoo.It acts as a good cleanser.

3.Aloe Vera with Egg:

 Aloe Vera is a good conditioner.Extract aloe vera gel  from  the leaves .Mix the gel with egg and apply it to the hair.Apply it once for every two weeks.

4.Aloe Vera with almond oil:

For a cool feeling,mix aloe vera gel with  almond oil and apply it to the scalp.

5.Coconut oil:

A very easy tip is,with the coconut oil.Massage your scalp with warm coconut oil every day .It helps to gain thick hair.

6.White vinegar:

Add water and spoonful of white vinegar,apply this to your hair inorder to obtain hair growth.

7.Wash your hair daily :

Wash your hair daily with the shampoos that have hydrolized protiens.It  can make hair longer and thicker.
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  2. If I used a hair loss treatment would it make my hair thicker?
    A hair loss treatment for women, I mean.

    I'm not balding or anything, I just have naturally fine hair and I'd like for it to be thick and luscious.

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