Simple Nutrition Tips


Some of the simple nutrition tips that makes us healthy
1.Eat whole,fresh,unprocessed fruits.
2.When buying packaged foods ,read the nutrition labels carefully.
3.Eat something for every four hours.
4.Buy low fat versions of dairy products.
5.Don't eat fruits immediately after meals.
6.Never smoke after eating.
7.Replace tea with green tea.
8.Fish boosts memory.
9.Carrots save eyesight.
10.Bananas strengthen bones.
11.Lemon smoothens skin.
12.Honey increases energy.
13.Garlic kills bacteria.
14.Strawberries calm stress.
15.Yogurt protects against ulcers and helps us digest food better.
16.Eggs,beans,peas provide a good source of protein and fibre.
17.Ginger is called universal medicine.
18.Onion is beleived to clean the blood among many other health benefits .
19.Fasting is one of the oldest therapies in medicine.
20.Avoid open buffets.
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